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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well we have finally have internet in the house. it is nice.
We had two great groups come two week-ends ago.
The first was with Worldlink and they are helping us get further financial help for the programs we are working on. We enjoyed showing them our lake facility and letting them meet the children. The donations thay brought which had been collected by the Sorensons were distributed to the kids yesterday. I wish everyone could have seen the looks on Marie's face as she dressed up in a violet satin and lace dress to show me that it fit her. It looked almost brand new and she was so pretty. Her sister Monica loved her new skirt as did Rosa and Wendy. Rosa got the sandals in the box and Wendy had wanted them also, but Wendy surrendered them willingly and then gave Monica one of her new white shirts so Monica had a blouse for her new skirt. I thought she was so sweet. Especially since she is only 6.
The second group was with Life Vision adoption agency out of Washington. They brought new bookbags for all the kids full of things kids need and like. I wish you could have seen my littles [ ages 1 thru 5 ] who had never had anything of their own especially new, put there bookbags on their backs and try and walk with them. It was a tear jerker. What a privilege to be part of it. They gave the same bookbags to the City orphanage,but I was not there to see it.
Tpmorrow I go to the City with my 16 year old. I am meeting with one of the judges, spending time with the city kids and taking them to McDonald's [ a once a year treat ] . On Thurs. I meet with a representative with the Magistradas office. We are trying to upgrade the quality of the city orp and she is going to check us out and give us pointers. Hope it goes well.
We have hired a new general manager who will oversee both orps. He has worked in this field for 3 years and is very assertive and motivated. We are grateful to have gotten him
One last thing, we heard of an orphanage an hour from here that has lost their US funder and we are considering taking it over. They have 19 kids some of whom have disabilities. We have such a great special ed thing going on here in our area, I think we could be of real benefit to these children. But WE NEED MORE FUNDING
I forgot one neat thing. Last week the mayor's wife from San lLucas Toliman gave our orp kids free tickets to the local fair. This week she paid for some of them to go to the City to have eye tests and get glasses for the ones who needed them.
Well got to go get supper on for my crowd.
Vicki Dalia

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