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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two good things happened at the orphanage today. The first was we went back to court with Luis, a 10 year old boy who came to us 2 months ago. He had been abused in everyway possible. He sure is a cute one tho but has rage attacks from time to time. Anyway his parental rights will be terminated and he will remain at the orphanage until he is 18 or adopted. I have taken a fancy to him so am happy about it. Bryan, an 8 year old, who came to us with his 3 year old brother, was so misbehaved we thought we were going to have to send him back to the courts. Instead we brought him out to the lake orphanage and put him in the special ed school some of our children there attend. He couldn´t speak or hear. They took him to the city last week for tests and are taking him back today for a hearing aid. They think he will hear after that.
My downs son who also attends that school is 9 today and I am taking a birthday cake there shortly to celebrate. Tomorrow we take our 9 children to the pcific to celebrate my husband´s and my son´s brithdays.
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