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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well my husband and I had a great time on Fri. and Sat. just being tourists. We spent the night away from kids and had a great romantic ,candlelight, wood burning fireplace dinner with great massages. My massage person said my neck felt like it had the weight of the world on it which is exactly how I felt as she did the massage. Like she was removing the weight of the world. The next day we toured the lake. Gosh It is beautiful.
This was good because the day before we had had a four hour staff meeting trying to get things running more smoothly at the orphanage.
Monday, we had two visiting pediatricians at the hospitolito in Santiago that is run by Americans. They were young women from Chapel Hill, NC. Twenty miles from my hometown. We took our little severly malnourished and mistreated baby into them. We have had him for 3 weeks and he is eating good, but has the muscle tone of a downs child and is sick all the time. His name is Abram.The peds ran every test they could on him including an ultrasound and decided that he is okay and we are doing everything right. He and his sister who is also suffering from her past abuses will start physical therapy next week. The doctor at the hospital who was familiar with these children{s history was so glad to see them in safe hands and doing better.
Bryan who got his hearing aid last week is now starting to make some sounds and is learning to sign. He is so happy. My little wild child is starting to get civilized.
I got a call today that a woman who is paying the tuition for a private school for one of our teenagers has found tow more people to pay it for tow more teens. That is wonderful. And then on fri. we have 5 wonderful donors visiting with us. There financial help is so appreciated. On Sun. we have two more ladies who have brought down 55 bookbags full of stuff for the kids.
Lots of love to everyone
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