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Friday, July 28, 2006

Well our intern survived the operation but he has had some trouble with infection. He is still in the hospital.
It makes it ####### everyone as he is very needed at the lake orphanage. Our 16 year old who was gang raped had tests done and is not pregnant. Three of our girls have gone home. A 13 year old named Jenny who was trouble for her mom so her mom sent her to us. We had no problems with her and now the courts have sent her home. Two others 11 and 8, who were sent to us because they said the mom was using them for prostitution. Hope the courts knew what they were doing in sending them home.
We have been looking into the possibility of taking malnourished infants and babies. I am working with a facility in El Salvador who has been taking them for 20 years. They have had 800 children run thru their facility and only 8 have died. They are going to teach us how to work with this population of children.
We are also considering taking HIV pos. kids.
Everything tho reguires money. The van needs new tires and an alignment job and I just sent $2000.00 in salaries today, not to mention the money for the electric bill and food.
The good news is we have two men who have volunteered to go and make us a hugh garden area where we can grow baically all the food the kids will eat. They go down the end of Aug as does my family.

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