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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We have to buy 15 more sets of bunkbeds for the two orphanages. We are full up bed wise. With this many beds we are good to go for a while. Our social wok intern is visiting more courts in areas where there are no orphanages. We are also looking into a program to take malnourished infants. Claribel and Sindy want to take a computer classes if anyone wants to sponsor them for this. Sindy was the 16 who was gang raped the morning before she came into our care. Claribel is 11 and was taken from her mom when the neighbors reported she was used for child prostitution.
All you gardeners: we are trying to get organic four square gardens going for our orphanage. We have plenty of garden space for this. Would anyone like to donate for the materials.?

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