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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sorry about no posts for the last week, but we have been on vacation. A great week at a music camp. The city orphanage got two more boys ages 10 and 11 on Saturday. Our intern at Lake Atitlan had to go to the hospitalito in Santiago yesterday. They think he has appendicitis and he is on his way to Guatemala City to the hospital there. The poor young man has only been in Guatemala since May and already he has been roobed along with my son and daughter. They were held up by 6 men in a pick-up with machine guns. Now CJ is on his way to the city for an emergency operation.
The house we rent in Guatemala City is being sold, but we have found a much larger, nicer on only a few blocks away. The rent tho will now be $1300.00 instead of $800.

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