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Monday, December 09, 2013

We  are growing in lots of ways. As you can see the veggie organic gardens get bigger everyday. We are planning for them to be the vegetables used in all of the 5000 meals a month we now prepare for our Mayan kids in our feeding programs. With the orphanage this will jump to 35,000 meals a month. WOW that is scary. Pray our gardens produce well. We are even growing our own black beans. 
Our third floor is getting built and will be ready for our Los Robles teams starting in the spring. 
We have all our staff in place for the orphanage except the social worker and the doctor. We hope to have them hired soon.

But the most important thing we need now are orphan sponsors. I know this is easier to get once we have the orphans. But I can tell you from past experience something about them. They will have mostly been abused. Some quite horrifically. They will be scared. They will be little or big. They will be kids. They will be loved and kept safe.

We pray that you will use some of your holiday money to sponsor an orphan or a child who wants to go onto school and help break the poverty cycle their mayan family is in. We pray you will choose us at www.casadesion.org

Or write me at 20.vicki@gmail.com

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