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Saturday, November 23, 2013


The last 7 weeks we spent in Guatemala was a really hard time for me. I had a  fever of 103 within 2 days after we got in the country. Then after I got back on my feet but was still not fully recovered, my husband got a bad case of parasites and for 2 weeks I had extra chores to do as I took on some of his. Then I was sick again with stomach issues.
Add to this homeschooling of 5 kids . managing all the existing programs, doing all the paperwork and hiring that is needed for a new orphanage and training the wife of the couple who was going to take our place and you can see why I was running faster than I was able. Oh did I mention that said husband and I did not agree on a single decision.
One day I went to Casa de Sion to supervise the mama/tot program there. I was still sickly and tired and not excited about going. Usually I am. So I said a prayer on the way there asking Heavenly Father to let me know He was still involved with us and still there for me.
A woman was waiting for me with her baby wrapped up tight on her back and her toddler clinging to her hand. She said she needed my help. I thought to myself. "Yeah you and everyone else." Not my most spiritual moment. But I asked her what I could do. She told me the baby needed help. So I took him and unwrapped him and laid him on our change table to assess for myself his challenges. He was hydrocephalic. The pictures do not do a good job of showing how swollen beyond normal his head is. I asked about doctors and yes he is being seen by Doctor Peter. He had a shunt. She, the mom, wanted formula as he needed more nourishment. That was arranged. But the miraculous part of all this was that while I was talking to her, this magnificent light and spirit was shining off the babies' head and his shy little smile was like seeing the face of Christ. My prayers were answered. Heavenly Father is still right there with us and I am still being blessed by the service I render to the Mayan little ones even when I am at a low point.
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