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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Packing to go Again

Probably the hardest part of the work we do in Guatemala is the transition. Living part time in the USA and part time in Guatemala involves us trying to have lives in both places and to adjust all the time. Right now we are adjusting to leaving the USA. Adjustments include but not limited to
Not seeing any of our 22 grandkids under 9 for 7 weeks
Trying to make sure all kids left here are settled. Our 17 year old is staying for school and football. Our 19 year old is in a voc. rehab college that is not working out. So right in the middle of packing , I am having to get her back home and talk her into coming with us or staying with her sister. Staying involves another educational plan for her as well as a job. She is not going to like either alternative.
Packing for the 5 kids and husband and I for the next 7 weeks of the rainy season.
Talking husband into the 5 extra suitcases we will have to pay for [ and lug around] because they have donations in them. That makes 7 already paid for check suitcases, 5 check suitcases we have to pay for and 7 big carry ons and bookbags to be lugged from one airport to the next and out to the shuttle, then to our home, then unpacked again.
Making sure we have all the materials needed to homeschool said 5 kids.
Leaving my house here in the USA clean enough so it will not be overrun with bugs or rats when I return.

That is just a few. I left out all the prayers said for safety while there and easy travel. Could you please pray for all of our safety in travel and while there also?

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