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Friday, April 19, 2013

Feinstein Foundation

Remember the Feinstein Foundation give away last year?   Mr. Feinstein is a normal guy from RI--normal with lots of money.  And every year he gives away $1 million dollars to agencies that are feeding the poor. That's us!!!  ALL money/formula that is donated to Safe Homes for Children/Casa de Sion in March and April will be counted towards this, and he will give us some of his million in proportion to the amount we have raised in these two months.  Last year we raised over $10,000 with your donations and Mr. Feinstein gave us enough to add a couple more mothers to our feeding program.

So how can you help?
If you are a monthly supporter who hasn't donated in a while--please now is the time to donate again.
If you were planning on donating at some point this year--please do it before the end of April.
If you donated last year but haven't given any in 2013--give during the next two weeks.
Or, if you have formula laying around--get it to me during April--I can count $1/lb (meaning if you were going to buy formula full-price, don't, just donate the amount that you where going to spend, it will count as more in this campaign and we will buy formula in Guatemala with your money.)

So use the donate button on the blog or send me a check (made out to Safe Homes for Children) 267 West Hill Rd, Stamford, CT 06902

Please pass this around to your friends, and asked them to get involved.  We will keep you up to date. on our progress again this year.

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