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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Have You Got Any Extra Formula

These are pictures of the first Los Robles mama/tot program I went to when we got to Guatemala in Jan. There are 3 communities that come to this program. Around 75 mamas and 150 tots. We have 20 more mamas and 30 tots that want to come from another community, but we are waiting for more support from people like you all before we take on the extra financial responsibility.
Everyone that comes wants to show off their new and old babies to Dona Vicki [ that's me]. So I act like the patron saint of babies and hold and kiss them all. Not hard for me to do as I love babies. Definitely feel like the Lord's handmaiden as I do this. It is also the time that the mamas bring me their medically fragile little ones and ask for the help they need for them. Again I can never say no.
I bring my children to these meetings so they can help serve. The older down syndrome boy in the pictures is my 15 year old adopted son, Seth.
One reason we are cautious about taking more mama/tots is we give out formula and incaparina. Under 1 and mama has insufficient  breast milk, formula is given. 1-5 and you get incaparina. Enough for one cup a day of this nutritional supplement. We now have our mama/tot program every Thurs. in some community. Over 250 mamas and 500 infant/tots total. Our newest community we are inviting our pregnant and nursing mamas to eat lunch 3 times a week with the school children. We are hoping this will cut down on the need for formula and increase the breast milk. But there will still be mamas who come to us and show us their malnourished baby and ask for formula.
So do you have any formula??? If so mail it to me and I will take it down. We had an Eagle Scout collect 5 suitcases full of formula. We took it all down. Each team that comes brings formula. Right now we spend $2000 a month for formula and that includes all the donated cans. Please collect it for us from your friends and church. And mail it to me. Write me at 20.vicki@gmailcom for my address.

Thanks Vicki

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