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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why there have been no blgos

We have been home from Guatemala now for 6 weeks. While down there I was sick most of the time. If it wasn't a major stomach issue, then it was bronchitis for a month and finally an allergy to the pine trees blooming in our new neighborhood. My eyes and head stayed swollen. And during the last month, we had teams almost constantly and it was a lot of work as well as fun. The people were great and I loved them, but it took a toll on my already fragile health.
When we get back to the states, my house needed attention.  I had paid it none for the last 3 months. Two daughters and a Dil were pregnant and needed attention and my grandkids needed to see their Granma. I had to go to Raleigh twice to pick up hugh amounts of donated clothes that we send to Guatemala [ thanks Karen ] and pay attention to our for-profit business that allows us not to take money from Safe Homes and gives a lot of money to the projects in Guatemala. We also have had to send daily emails to our staff in Guatemala and review the ones they send to us. A new budget had to be drawn up since we had added 2 more communities for feeding programs, but Kids Against Hunger was providing a good chunk of the food. So no blogs.
But I think the main thing going on is that I need to get more involved in the fight to stop child sex-trafficking.  Not all of you know that part of my background.  My childhood is so much of why I do the work I do in Guatemala. I know my story needs to be told:  a story of horrific abuse, but also as one of wonderful healing. So I have determined that even though fearful, I wll publish it here--in addition to the regular blogs of Guatemala. Because every time we save a child from Child Sex Trafficking, we give them a Safer Home. Least you think it does not happen in the USA: three hundred children a year are trafficked domestically. I am sure it is worse in Guatemala.

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