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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maria del Carmen

We were lucky enough to receive a years supply of meals from Kids Against Hunger (http://www.kidsagainsthunger.org/).  They provide pre-packaged meals stocked full of vitamins and everything else good for kids's bodies.  They are packaged here in the US and shipped down.  Usually to get these meals money is raised and good people get together and package them.  But, we begged and now we have meals for Nueva Victoria and a new community, Maria del Carmen.

We started the feeding program in Maria del Carmen two weeks ago.  We have 160 kids in our program.  We have this feeding program set up like the ones in Los Robles and Nueva Victoria; we feed the kids lunch 3x/week (we still supplement the meals with extra veggies and some chicken).

The moms in the community take turns cooking and serving the kids.  And of course the kids help with the clean-up. 

With the feeding program we were able to start a the tutorial program as well.  We love our teachers from Nueva Victoria and now they will be teaching the students in Maria del Carmen as well--this now provides both men with much needed full-time employment (Nueva Victoria is just part time).  And because we received a years supply of meals for Nueva Victoria we were able to take the money we were using to feed Nueva Victoria kids to pay for the teacher's salary and to start the Mother's and Toddlers program in Chuti-Estancia.  We are so excited about this growth and ability to help more people.

If anyone is looking for a project, we still have 23 more communities that are baldly in need of these feeding programs.  Kids Against Hunger has packing facilities all over the United States.  It would make a great Eagle Scout, youth or family project to raise the money and then go pack the meals.  Check out their website and please let me know if you have any questions. 

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