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Sunday, February 26, 2012

trying to catch up With the Blogs [ 31,32,33,34,35,36, 37,38,39]

Lots and lots going on. The reason I have not written. Plus my computer is not working and it has all the pictures. So this is an informational blog on my husband's computer catching up with my commitment.
We have started a Friday business meeting with Mario and Juan. Each week it gets longer and longer as there is more and more going on. [While I am writing this I am trying to shut out the screaming that my two teenage daughters are doing at each other; the joys of family life] .  This week there was a lot of talk about our responsibilities with the nutributter program. Basically Mario has to deliver it to all 24 communities and make sure that the two community leaders in each community know their role: giving it out to the families, showing them how to get the babies to eat it and making sure it is not given to the other starving children in the family. The nutributter arrived on Sat. so the work begins on Monday.
Sunday i tried to catch up with family stuff, like organizing myself to be the perfect long distance mom and grandma for the 7 birthdays happening in Feb.
Monday I met Carlos, the head on a naturopathic NGO that is bringing a team of naturopathic docs down the next week. I need to show him the clinic in Los Robles. he likes it and is excited about helping the people in Los Robles. I am excited about this team as I have used naturopathic meds for years and am a true believer. Also called to find out what was happening with the birthday parties of my two grandchildren that had birthdays that week.
Tuesday was running errands in town getting food and money in the house. Then returning emails, etc.
Wednesday's top priority was calling and wishing Cohen a happy 4th Birthday. Then homeschooling the kids here and then to Los Robles. Jody needs to check the construction on the guardian house and I need to talk to Dominga. I found out that Jeremias, the downs twin whose life we saved, has had his operation and it was successful.  I also find out that Maria in Nueva Victoria is having more trouble with her foot and it is infected again. We decide to take medicine and bandages to her mom and train her mom in how to wash it and then bandage it and put a sock on it to protect it. I work with Erin to contact our supporters and new people to try and get money in for scholarships and more feeding programs. We are hoping that Kids Against Hunger can be a help in letting us open up more feeding programs.
Thursday is spent working with my daughters who run our for-profit business in the states and our computer person. We do a lot.... of advertising in the phone books for the for-profit and are now starting our internet advertising. First thing will be a mobile website. This business is our biggest donor to the projects down here so it is very important to keep it growing. Each day takes some of my time and a lot of my husband's time doing homeschooling with the 5 youngest. Three of them are special ed and the other two hyper so it gets frustrating at times.
Friday is another business meeting with the staff. Plans are made for the 5 days of clinics we will have next week. Juan will be one of the translators so his jobs need to be delegated to other employees. Our kids here at home get a big surprise. One of our new volunteers teaches judo and he arrives for their class. Daniel is from Germany.
Saturday's priority is wishing bay lee a happy 5th Birthday. She and Cohen are having a Chuck Cheese party together. She has a princess cake and Cohen a cars cake. bay lee's mom and Bryan, my son who is his kids single parent, make cupcakes. Bryan's were double chocolate and homemade. he is turning into a good single dad. Takes the two kids to church every Sunday. My worries over leaving this situation are turning to pride over my kids doing so good a job. His sisters and sister-in-law help him with babysitting when needed.
Well that's is all for now.
The next blogs require pictures and I am hoping to get my computer fixed on Monday.

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