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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Birthdays and Clinics [ blog nos. 40,41,42,43,44,45,46}

We had a great team of Naturapathic doctors here for a week of clinics in Los Robles. I took advantage of the opportunity and had all seven of my children and myself get physicals. They did a very thorough jobs. One of the perks of running a mssion. Here is a pic of my daughter Emmie who wants to be a doctor herself.
It is something of a challenge to celebrate the birthdays of two of our adopted kids that still live with us and my birthday while living down here. We all kind of feel ripped off that we are not in the states with our big family and can not have the big family party. So this week, Feb.13 and feb. 17th we took off Weds., feb. 15th and took the kids to a nice hotel for breakfast buffet and swimming in the pool. Tony pictured here, was 10. and Alisa , in the above picture,was 12. The kids loved it and already are making plans for their next year's birthday here. We also had two birthdays in the states. My oldest son Matt was 44 and my sil Chris was 30.
Some of the docs eating the lunch that Casa de Sion prepared for them.
We saw many men at this clinic and many families
next to the top are Lillian's adopted twins. She was able to adopt them because Casa de Sion provided the formula and clothing. They were treated also. Each doc brought down a suitcase full of meds.
In addition to the clinic, we had our mama/tot program with any mamas and tots and we moved out of our house for 3 days while new tile was laid. We moved back in on Thurs. and spent Sat. and Sun. resting and getting resettled.


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