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Friday, August 12, 2011

More Mothers and Toddlers

This week we had a great family from Utah come visit. They decided to do an one-time infant and formula distribution at Nueva Victoria. Right now because of lack of funding the only program we have going on in Nueva Victoria is the tutoring/student lunch program. When the Chase family showed up with formula for the infants and encaperina for the toddlers/preschoolers they were greeted by 38 moms, almost all of whom had 3-4 kids under the age of 5. The mom's were so grateful to have something to feed their kids.

We would love to be able to start the mother/toddler program in Nueva Victoria. We just need more help to be able to do so.

Our program in Los Robles is going so well. Every Tues we have 66 moms and 111 kids 5 and under and on Thurs we have 41 moms and 76 kids 5 and under.

The moms are doing a great job helping Dominga in the kitchen and really trying to make the program less about charity and more about self reliance.

For class this week they had someone show them how to make handmade beaded belts to sell. Everyone was pretty excited.

But for everyone that we are helping, there is someone else who needs help. We had to turn away more moms this week. We have 20 moms from Chuti-Estancia that come every week and this week we had 5 more; we also have 15 moms from a pueblo called Pacaman ask to be part of the program. We had to turn away all these 20 new moms and their 50+ kids.

All these women are great people, just trying to feed their children. Unfortunately they did not have the same resources and opportunities we do.

If you want to help these mothers feed their children please let us know. It only takes $20/month to feed one mom and provide the formula/encaparina for her children. I will send you a picture and some details on the family you are supporting.

(Pictures courtesy of Joel-thanks!)

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Tatiana said...

Hope the latest tropical storm didn't do any harm in your area. I was watching the radar as it crossed Belize and praying for it to be mild in Guatemala.