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Monday, July 11, 2011

School kids

Just wanted to show you some pictures of some of our school kids.
When school lets out everyday they run to visit us. As you might know, we tutor them everyday after their few hours of regular school and 3 days a week we provide a healthy and hearty lunch since many of these kids have so little to eat.

It is important to us that the kids know they need to work for what they have in life. So we have them help out. They take turns helping cook.

They also all help wash their dishes. The greatest thing is they are happy doing it.

I thought this picture was funny. Joel pulled the washing machine out of storage to wash a pile of clothes. The kids were so intrigued.

Enjoying dessert after their lessons

Last week, following the advice of the doctor in Guatemala City, Joel took our two Down Syndrome kids into Panajachel to have their TSH tested. TSH refers to one part of the thyroid. Making sure we have their thyroid under control will be a major step in helping these sweeties live a healthy life. We should have the results in a couple days.

Here they are with their moms, 8 mths (one of the twins) and 4 1/2 yrs old.

Let us know if you would like to help with feeding our school kids or help with the medical bills of our sweet babies.

Vicki and Jody are in Guatemala right now. A big thank you to everyone who provided formula for them to take down. The babies are drinking it now.

(Note: Pictures courtesy of Joel)

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