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Friday, May 06, 2011

We have had lots going on in Guatemala

even tho I have been in the states for the last two weeks. Joel has been there supervising. We have had two medical teams. One a group of opticians who helped correct everyone's eyes and then a group of dentists who helped get people"s teeth in order. Check out Joel's blog at twitter travel to see pictures of all this. One of the older women we gave glasses to is in the pictures above.

And then a really big thing for us is our new guardian building being built down near the chickens coop. Twitter travel has a bunch of pictures on this. Kent , the man in the above picture, has a physical therapy clinic in Guate City. He collected a group who paid for the materials and donated their labor. And much labor it was. We will be so helped by this as it will give a family a home, give us a guardian so we can finally buy our chickens and start using the eggs and eventually chickens in our programs to eat and get our veggie gardens going and even some fruit trees.

While we are talking about medical stuff, here is one of the children we need money for to do further testing. He can not talk or hear and something wrong with his eyes. A sweet little 2 year old.

To see Joel's blog and all the wonderful pictures and stories, go to www.casadesion.blogspot.com and click on the Twiiter trale link on the right hand side.



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