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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

In honor of mother's--giveaway

As I am sure you notice, we have a new look!
Thanks Jane (and Meredith), you are both amazing!!!

In honor of our new look and Mother's Day we are going to have a little fun.

First we have a great gift idea...

Give the women in your life the best "Mother's Day" present you can give them. For $20 a month, you can give them the gift of life. Your loved one will be assigned a mother and her little children. This family will be provided with life giving food and nutrients. For many of these children it will mean the difference between growth and development or stunting and malnourishment. The person you are honoring will receive a picture of the women and children they are supporting as well as updates and a e-card telling them how you have honored them.
Write Erin at erin.casadesion@gmail.com to sign up for Mother's day.

One of our mom's that needs a sponsor; Aura with her 2 kids Kedi 1 and Cindi 3

Also, we are going to do a Mother's Day giveaway.
Your chance to win a handmade purse from Guatemala. It is the perfect gift (other then sponsoring one of our mom's)!

Modeled by my beautiful sister Emmie

There are several ways you can enter our giveaway:
1. Follow us
2. Link this post to your facebook
3. Tweet about us and this giveaway
4. Blog about us and the giveaway
5. Sponsor one of our mom's

Rules: You may enter up to 5 times (one of each listed above), for each item, leave a comment below (if you already follow us, or sponsor a mom, leave a comment below) with a link and your email address.

Giveaway ends Sunday-Mother's Day, May 8th, 2011. If you are the winner and you want to give it as a gift, I can send an email with a picture to that special 'mom' in your life.


Vicki said...

The giveaway is on!

Tatiana said...

Hi, I sponsor two families and my mother already sponsors two more! So we have four times the fun! I love this place and I'd love to win the purse, too. It's beautiful. I posted you guys on facebook today as my status. This gets me a few votes, anyway.