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Monday, June 23, 2008

I know everyone thinks I dropped off the face of the earth, but I am still here. We arrived in the US 5 days after our passports had been unfrozen. I was so.... glad to touch US soil. I know we need to change alot in this country, but it sure looks good after having lived in a third world country. We had supper with several of our kids and grandkids when we flew in and then headed for our mountain and home. we got there at 1 in the morning.
We saw another son and his two daughters and then went to work getting our gardens planted. Our sil had planted alot of things and we planted more. I got to see my 6 goats and two great Pyrenees that I had gotten for a present for Mother's Day.
The next week-end we went to see our oldest son's son get dedicated. Jake was born in Jan.
Then we went to see our 2 month old grandson that we had not met yet. At that point we had seen all 10 of our grandbabies.
The next week i started again on orphanage work. Man you guys and gals did a great job on the donations. My whole living room and my upstairs den are stacked full of donations. i am spending some of each day sorting and packing buckets to go back to Guate with us. thank you so much for all your efforts. There are some great things here and will come in handy when we get them down there.
I got to be at my 4 year old grand daughters birthday on Sat. and had a homecoming barbeque on Sunday for my daughter who had spent a semester abroad in China. This next week-end we have the baby blessing of the two month old and all the kids and their kids will be there. I will get to see my 4 new grandsons together for the first time. it promises to be an awesome experience.
For orphanage news: things seem to be gong well. Lydia our 8 pound 3 year old went for a cat scan. She is alos CP and fetal alcohol. The babies are getting fatter. The government people visited us and said how pleased they were with the care of the babies. We had to turn down an 11 year old as there is no more room in our current facility.
The new residence home is progressing. The are pouring the floor for the second story.
We have a large, 32 people, group coming the second week in July who will build shelf units, a porch on the residence building and work with the kids.
Will try to write more.

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