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Thursday, June 05, 2008

I just had the most wonderful spiritual experience. The reason I do this. We got a new little girl at the orphanage. She is 3, but severely malnourished. She weighs 8 pounds and has the muscle tone of a 4 month old. She has the sweetest smile ever. And the spirit that radiates from her is so awesome. Her name is Lydia. She came from the hospital in Xela and I shutter to think where she might have gone if we had not taken her. My staff is totally mesmerized with her; the reason I love my staff. Let me know if anyone wants to sponsor her; I am sure she comes with extra blessings.
The same court is sending us a 5 year old and 9 year old girls next week. And I have someone begging me to take 5 teens in a bad situation.
We have our passports back.YES................................
It will be hard to leave the kids tho. They are so cute.
Well my last blog until we get settled in the states sometime next week.

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