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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Today was a really hard day.Alot of bureaucratic stuff that made no sense and caused much emotional upheaval for a while. Enough so my husband and I were both ready to go home to the states and get ready to retire. [ with 10 kids still at home ]We were seriously wondering why do we do this.
Then I went to the orphanage to meet a new long term volunteer and do some training with a new employee. While there all the preschoolers came running up and gave me hugs. Abram,who just turned two, came to us a year ago so sick he almost had to be hospitalized. The back of his head was completely flat and he could not sit at all. But the worst thing was how he cried every time someone looked at him. Well we have all worked with him developing muscle tone, giving healthy foods and giving love and encouragement. Today he gave me a shy smile so I took his hands and practiced walking with him holding on to me. Then I let him go and held out my hands for him to take his first steps. He took three and gave me the biggest, sweetest grin I think I have ever seen. To think he now trusts me after all the neglect and abuse he had as an infant. It just kind of made up for all the bad stuff.

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