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Saturday, November 03, 2007

After having started back in May looking for land and a permanent place for the orphanage, we finally signed the papers and paid the money for 10 acres of basically flat [ flat for Lake Atitlan is definitely relative] land. It was kind of sad as we bought from two old sisters whose family had had the land for generations. When their dad died , it was divided among the 8 sibs. We will eventually be offered more of the sibs land I am sure. They did not have bank accounts and cashed the checks and took the money home in cash. Quetzals; it takes 7.62 to make a dollar. I do not know where they will hide it.
Anyway it is a done deal and we start road work on Mon.
We leave to go home on the 20th and have a ton to do before hand. We have the builder we want and are looking at a couple of gringoes who live here to supervise the job and report to us. We found out Thurs. our 10th grandbaby will be a boy. That means 3 boy grandbabies all witin 6 months. I can not wait to get home and hold the one that is already born.

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