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Sunday, November 12, 2006

We are gearing up to return to the states for the holidays. We fly the 23rd of Nov. and return the 5th of Jan. I am going to miss it here. Our general manager spent this last weeek at the lake orphanage helping to get it more organized. His wife came and worked on getting rid of lice. The kids are now lice free. Yeah. So far I have managed to not get lice this time or any time for that matter. He brought Jackie and Stephie out here. I want them to visit the private school my kids go to as I think they would do very well there. I need a sponsor for them however. I think they will visit on Tues. Weds. we got a major donation from Orphan Resources. They are such good friends. They brought us a new refrig and washing machine and 5 bunkbeds for the lake orphanage. They also brought new blankets and pillows, a very nice water filtering system that will make it possible to quit buying aqua pura. We also got a $300.00 commercial blender that will hep with the beans the kids eat ever day. He is bringing the lake and the city orphanage 10 more sets of bunknbeds.
We have 3 birthdays to celebrate this week. They all expect to spend the nights with us and be taken to lunch and also have a party and present at the orphanage. Vilma will be 13 tomorrow. Luis 10 on the 25th and Jackie 8 on Dec. 14. Since we won't be here those dates, they will celebrate with us early. Last year Jackie's mother didn't give her anything or even come see her. Two months before she had brought a cake and presents for Stephie Jackie's sister. But Jackie had been the one to tell about the rapes so her mom was still mad.
We had visitors at the orp on Fri. who maybe interested in adopting Juan and his sisters. The city orp got four new brothers last week, ages 6 thru 13.
Vicki Dalia
Director of www.safehomesforchildren.org

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