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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sorry I haven't written since Sat. I am intending to write every other day now that I have internet. But I have been feeling weird and finally decided to check my blood pressure as I have had problems with it in the past. I had gotten better so was not medicating. Well it was high and on Sunday I started meds again. It is taking me a while for the meds to work and on Tues. while I was at the market buying food for my family and the orphanage it went very high. My friends took me to a Cuban doctor and he tried another med which worked within two hours. So now I am dealing with how to keep it down and how to deal with my resistance to traditional meds.
Unfortunately, no matter how badly you are needed, if you don't take care of yourself, you are no use to anyone. I am happy to have friends down here in Guate that care about me so much and my husband has been very attentive to this. I think it scared him. He also has been lecturing me about the 15 pounds I need to loose to be at 140.
Oh well life goes on. We have hired a new man who is a special ed teacher to work with the lake orp kids during their school vacation. He is great and now they have someone to do sports, swim and do extra tutoring for their vacation. They also have chores everyday. This Weds. was the Day of the Dead and he helped them all make kites and take them to San Lucas to fly them. He also donated matching orange gym shorts for everyone. He is the one who helped us get the free glasses for the children. So far 3 have them. Abram, our 15 month old malnourished baby, started physical therapy last week. Luis, our 10 year old abused angry boy started psych therapy. Every week at both orphanages we have group therapy for the abused kids [ all the kids I should say ]. they like it. We have two new girls at the lake. Their mom checked us out on Tues. She can't afford to feed or educate them so they will live with us. Danny was 16 this week and got several parties. He went with my family to a Halloween Party at my kids school and then spent the night. My children had a vacation day the next day [ they go to school on an American schedule ] and we took them to eat at their favorite place and then to the kite flying. Danny went to all of that with us and got birthday cake everywhere. When he got back to the orphanage, they had a cake for him and I gave him a soccer ball. Danny's mom died when he was little, he never knew his dad and he and his brother were raised by an abusive uncle.
In the city we have located our new house. It is in San Lucas and tomorrow my husband and I go to give the final approval on it. Today my general manager is meeting with the school system to make sure noone objects to orphans in their schools. A problem we have had in the city, but not at the lake. As soon as we move we will get a vacation program going for those kids. Right now they do chiores, some extra school work as everyone is behind and go to the playground everyday. Those who are good watch a movie with treats and go swimming once a week
WE COULD USE MAJOR PRAYERS FOR TWO LITTLE GIRLS AT THE CITY ORP. JACQUELIN AND STEPHANIE. THE JUDGE JUST ORDERED THEM BACK WITH THEIR MOM WHO IS STILL WITH THE BOYFRIEND WHO REPEATEDLY RAPED BOTH GIRLS. THEY HAVE BEEN WITH US FOR 3 YEARS AND ARE NOW 7 and 8. I have hired an atty. to appeal the case. I could use donors to pay for private school for these two sweethearts and music lessons for the younger. She is so talented musically. That is if we keep them.
Vicki dalia
Director of http://www.safehomesforchildren.org

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