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Saturday, August 12, 2006

We have had many family events this week and I had no time to write. First, my husband and myself helped out daughter, son-in-law and new granddaughter move in their new home in Pittsburgh. Second we helped our son with a custody battle for his baby girl. He won custody of her.
Also my American interns who are at the orphanages in Guate and who keep me posted on the happenings there were on a tourist trip to Tikal. They returned yesterday.
Our new 14 year old boy at the lake Luis had to have an emergency appendectomy and is still in the hospital. Someone from the staff is supposed to be with him at all times. So that has been kind of rough. He is doing well tho.
The intern in the city met with the supervisor of the group who did the orphanage inspections. They did about 30 orphanages. I had him go over the list of things they want us to improve with her. Most of the list I agree with and they would have already been done if I was down there. He told her we were now in compliance with 3/4ths of the list and would be 100% within the month. I can't wait to get down there so we can get things running on a better program.
Our family flies down the end of this month. We will have our at home children in a private school in Panajachel. They will take the boat over there each day. Seth our downs son will go to a special ed school in Santiago that two of the children from the Lake orphanage are already attending. We are trying to be in Guate 9 months out of the year. I will miss my four young granddaughters. Four of them under the age of 3.
The two men who are going to get our gardens going at the lake orphanage go down in 2 weeks as does my daughter who will train our new American interns. One intern is going by El Salvador first and visiting the home there for malnourished children. She is supposed to learn all she can so we can start taking these types of children. I have been corresponding with the owner of this facility and he has been most helpful.
Vicki Dalia

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