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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It has been an eventful two days at the orphanages. First a group of court official came through the orphanage in the city as they did many other orphanages. It was the first time this has been done. They listed all the things we were not up to par on. Lots of little things that just seem part and parcel of living with so many kids. But we have told them we will correct them and get things like they want. One thing we need to do is paint so if anyone wants to go down and paint let me know.
At the lake, we are loosing one of our most valued employees. Juana is 60 and has some heart problems so is quitting the end of this month. Very sad for us. We have four children at the lake who are sibs. They have parents, but they couldn't afford to feed them anything some days and couldn't pay their school fees at all. So they live with us and we feed and school them. Their mom came to us and said she needed to take the 9 year old girl back with her as she is expecting a baby anyday and needs her to watch the 1 and 3 years olds when she goes to the hospital. Now you have to understand, the mom lives on a plantation that is a 2 hour walk from the raod and once at the road she catches a pick up truck to go to the hospital. She had no one to watch the two little ones when she had to go. The Dad is working somewhere esle and is not there. My staff got her to leave the two little ones with us so Rosa could stay in school. I am thinking of hiring the mom to replace Juana. Then that will be four more people who get fed. I have wanted to start taking malnourished babies and here are three of them. I need formula. Please anyone who wants to contribute this let me know.
I have booked our tickets to return to Guate for the next 9 months. Sort of scary. Our kids will go to school down there.
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