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Friday, February 28, 2014


We love teams here at Casa  De Sion. They help so much. This team from Atlanta, GA finished off our playground for us. Another team from St. George, Utah started the playground with the tire swing and the teeter tooters. Then the Ga. team came a year later and added a swing set, a monkey bar and a climbing thingy. We had to have this to meet government standards for the orphanage, but the community kids in our " orphans at home" program love it too.

The above pictures show this same team repainting all our rooms where the orphanage will be. We want it to look bright and pretty for both the government workers who check us out and then approve us, but mostly for the little ones who come to us afraid, abused and abandoned. We want them to not only feel safe about their physical surrounding, but also their little spirits to feel safe and loved. This teams brought down 11 suitcases of donations and gave 4-5 days of their time to help that happen. They brought a chiropractor who was busy the whole time. He shared clinic days with a medical doctor. I am sure these men and women who have carried 100 pound loads of wood  or vegetables to sale or have had a baby strapped on their back day and night could use a chiropractor. I used to think they just had stronger backs. But I found out they just had a higher tolerance for pain. Anyway we love our teams. They also sponsored 4 kids to be able to go on to middle school. Those same children had helped the team all week in the projects they did.
We have had our first inspection for the orphanage and passed. We have 3 more to go. I wish we were open. I heard the sad stories of 3 more tiny ones today. If we were open they could come to us for care and love. Two were at the hospital. One had come in with the placenta still attached and the other so malnourished it hurt to look at him. A friend of mine's orphanage took the 2 month old who had been abandoned at a woman's door. Soon we will need sponsors for these little ones. Or if you want, you could right now sponsor the first girl or first boy or first baby who comes to us.Because I have no doubts they will come.

So please partner with us
educate a kid
give an orphan a home
feed a malnourished "Orphan at home"

So many ways to make yourself happy and feel blessed.

Go to www.casadesion.org and push the donate button and give yourself a spiritual lift.

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