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Saturday, March 30, 2013

More info on orphanage

We have had a a very positive response to the idea of opening up an orphanage for the kids that are not having their needs met by our currents programs.  Thank you for all your support so far.

Here is a list of what is needed to reopen Casa de Sion Orphanage.
A. Association Papers-- completed and ready for the opening of the orphanage.

B. Hire Edy Tum [the foremost social worker in the country] who is doing the work for all the other USA run orphanages . -- Edy has been contacted and ready to start the paperwork needed for the CNA license. This is not necessary to receive children, but has to be in the works to receive them. His fee is $6000.00 and he will start when he has half of it. He estimates 6-8 months for the license.

C. A third floor needs to be added to the existing building. We have numerous teams a year come and pay to stay in this building. It is income for the existing programs. So the third floor would house volunteer teams, the second would remain the storage rooms and the first would house 24 children with 4 bedrooms and a living room / playroom.  The dining room/kitchen are already built as is the playground and soccer field. This addition would run about $50,000.00.

D. We already have some of the staff that is needed, but I estimate that additional staff ,, food and misc. would run about $3000.00 a month. Clothing is supplied by the container of clothing we send down once a year.

E. The areas we most need help in are: finding a mature couple to make a year commitment as houseparents, have a single person that will make a year commitment  as an asst. to houseparents, a person to coordinate volunteer teams that wish to help with the orphans and last but not least, people to make a commitment to sponsor the 24 children on a regular basis and one that amounts to at least $3000.00 a year. Also needed would be a person to make sure everyone is paying their sponsorship.

F. 100% of the money given goes into our 501c3 NGO Safe Homes For Children. We take no salary nor monetary compensation of any kind. It will go directly to the children.

I can be contacted at
Vicki Dalia

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