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Monday, January 14, 2013

Josefina Pichol Lastor

We have more students that need help with school.  A HUGE thank you to all of you who are supporting your students for another year, or who have agreed to support a new student.  They are all so grateful for the chance to go to school another year.  Each year of school completed means a better chance at life for them and their future families.  We still have a lot of students begging for help.  I have taken down all the blogs about students who have sponsors so if they are posted they need a sponsor.  Also, if you can't give the whole amount please think about teaming up with someone.  Remember their school year starts in Jan (as in next week!).

Meet Josefina.  She is 14 years old.  She starts her 2nd year of Basico (middle school) this year.  She was part of a1-time group scholarship last year and is looking for someone to fund her schooling this year.  It is $350 for the year--or can be paid monthly or quarterly.   

Her letter is as follows;  "I thank God for another day of life.  I thank Casa de Sion for helping me be able to study.  I am so grateful to God that all my family is in good health.  I am also grateful to those that help Casa de Sion so that I was able to study last year.  I am grateful to my parents for supporting me and helping me study.  I am very happy.  I am grateful for my father who works so hard for me.  I am going to work hard in my studies.  Thank you for supporting me (this is to you her future sponsor).
I am thinking about my future and the goal I want to achieve is to be a secretary or a teacher."

If you would like to support this very positive and happy little girl please let me know.

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