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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sex Tourism in Guatemala

Edy Tum is one of the most knowledgeable social workers in Guatemala. Since I am doing work with sex trafficking here in the USA, I started feeling guilty about not doing anything in Guate. So I have started my research to see if it is even a problem. Hence the preceding article. I wrote to Edy after reading the preceding article and asked him was it a problem and if so where and what was being done about it. The following is his answer. Keep in mind, I write in English, he google translates into Spanish. Then I google translate from Spanish into English. So here is the google translated answer he gave me.

" It is a big problem in Guatemala. The areas it is worse are Puerto Barrios, Guatemala City, Antigua and Lake Atitlan. We have laws against, but noe one is being prosecuted because big people are running it."

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