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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Help Us Start Feeding Programs in Maria del Carmen

I discovered such need during my visit to Maria del Carmen on Wedsnesday that I took my husband and kids up there on Friday. I want to start our programs up there asap [ that means when the money miraculously arrives] and I needed him to see it so he would agree. There are 110 families that live in this community. Our two teachers for Nueva Victoria live here. Alfredo [ our head teacher ]  wanted me to see where he lived so we went to his house. That is his little girl standing in front of his house and his wife, mother and nursing baby and someone else standing inside cooking on the wood stove. Alfredo is a certified teacher. I asked how he paid for school and he said he did a student loan and is still paying it back. He only works part-time for us, but if we start a lunch program in M del C he can work there in the morning and at Nueva Victoria in the afternoon and have a full-time salary. He is a really good teacher and goes the extra mile.
I saw the two bottom houses at Maria del Carmen and asked where their owners worked. All the other houses looked like Alfredo's except these two. He said the owners worked in the United Staes and had sent the money back to build the houses.
Now I am against illegal immigration and know children in Los Robles whose parents went illigally to the USA and left their young children alone to raise themselves. But after seeing the difference in these houses I can understand why they go to the USA.
The last two pictures are the real reason I went back to M del C. We took hats made by the daughter on a pediatrician who comes and wanted to pass them out to the kids. But I wanted my husband to see the kids and the need they had for nutritious food. I knew he would be as moved as I was. The bottom picture has a 3 year old who has never walked. His brother is holding him. He has one ear the is hugh compared to the other. The kids had the gold snot running down ther faces of kids who never get the right nutriton. Both in the bottom picture and the next one up. We have a USA medical team that will spend two days here next week.
Please help us to help these kids and start some feeding programs here.

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