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Friday, January 28, 2011

Malnutrition in Guatemala

Here is an article Jody and I just read from the "Economist" magazine. http://www.economist.com/node/14313735. Please copy and paste and read. It is so true. I saw many children this week with all the signs of malnutrition. First was at our mama/tot group. The 3 month old twins showed up with their parents, 10 year and 2 year old sisters. I brought the family to my house to make sure the mother was mixing the bottles right. She wasn't. The veins were showing on the younger twin and he was nothing but skin and bones. The two girls did not crack a smile or move a muscle. It was hard to even get them to eat the cookie we gave them. I sent the parents home with cans of tuna [ thanks to those of you who sent canned meats for me to bring down ] and formula and newborn packets [ thanks to LDS humanitarian services and Joel who brought them ] . I will take the babies to a clinic being held this next Tues. to have a doc check them out and to weigh them. Also at the program was the woman with the 6 kids whose husband kicked her out for a new woman. [ Lucky woman huh. wonder how long she will last ] The mama at our program was begging for food. Rice, beans, etc. Her baby looked like he had been picked up out of the local dump he was so dirty and his clothes were so ragged. But she had put about 10 rags on him to make sure he was warm. She needs a home. And then there were all the stories I did not hear on Tuesday from the other 65 mamas who were there. Then there was our trip yesterday to Nueva Victoria, but that is another blog. The final baby story this week came in the form of a call last night. There was a newborn in our community whose mother was not keeping him. Another woman was willing to raise him , but she was very poor and had grandchildren of her own who were starving. But she would do the work part if we would help with formula, bottles and clothes. So this morning, I went to visit with two cans of formula [ thanks to Ian and his Eagle Scout project ] and bottles [ thanks to Karen P ] and newborn clothes [ thanks again Karen and Joel. Everything was so needed there. One of the little granddaughters had the blond hair that speaks of malnourishment.
As you can see, I can only do this because you help me. So thanks for all the help you are giving. And read the article so you have two witnesses.

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