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Thursday, October 14, 2010

As we get ready to leave for two weeks in Guatemala, I am anxious to see what has moved forward or ,sadly, backwards since we were there the last time. I know the posts sticking up out of the ground for the school in Nueva Victoria,have had lamina but around them. No windows to see out of of or to provide ventilation, but lamina on the sides and roof to protect from the downpours that continue to make life miserable for the people. I an excited to tell the people of Nueva Victoria that soon, in Jan., a team will be coming down to build the tables and benches they need to school their 2011 , 120 elementary students. I am thrilled that thru the help of a Utah man that came as a volunteer a few months ago, they will get the water they need to wash and bath. He is also providing the cement for the floor of the school. He also plans to help them buy the materials they need to build permanent houses. I am worried that they have not had enough beans and corn to maintain even the most basics of health. So many are starving in Guatemala because of all the crops destroyed by the rains and the mudslides destroying their homes. They are in survival mode. I am even more concerned about the people of Nahuela. Can not wait to talk to our contacts there to see how this aldea is faring. They have been unreachable since we were there as you had to go on the international highway that was closed because of all the mudslides and resulting deaths.
I want to see our facility that was damaged by slides and banditoes. We have to build a retaining wall. We are in the process of putting bars on all our windows and doors so they can not be broken into. We have rebuilt the septic tank that fell in .We are interviewing people to work security at night. I am excited to work with the employees on our ongoing programs. We continue to have more and more pregnant women come for the eggs and lunch and help. I want to start the same program at Nueva Victoria and will be looking at the logistics of doing that. Feeding programs for the kids and tutorials.
I am wondering the status of the bridge between San Andres and Panajachel as I have no desire to cross the foot bridge. I will be taking possession of a new house on the San Andres side of the bridge that will be used for our family while we live there after the New Year and for volunteers when we are not there. It is hugh and I think everyone will enjoy it.
None of my pictures will load , probably because of the storm and I need to go do a conference call with my management staff of our for -profit business.
Please give $$$$$ for us to buy food for the needy while we are there. You will be saving a life. Also if you want to send needed items for me to take, do it now. Thanks to everyone who has already sent items.

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