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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I hope this blog works. I just did 5 pictures from our June trip. I hope you can feel the need and want to help and pray for the people and for us. They are all from the women's meeting I had. One hundred plus women showed up on just a one day notice from our worker Jose spreading the word. The first picture is of the pregnant woman who has a bad case of herpes on her whole face and is going blind from it. She needs serious medical attention and a drug called cyclovar. Anyone want to help her?
The next is the elderly midwife for the community. She has given birth to 17 children, 9 of which are dead. She is a sweetheart and needs a birthing room to deliver in rather than the cold, wet dirt floors of the womens' houses. They can't use the bed because too many other people sleep there or probably because there is not a bed. Any takers here? Help a mom deliver in a nice clean bed in a nice clean room Next, I think is Edit, the 3 year old we found on her dirt floor. We got her to a doctor and got her a wheelchair. All told the visit cost us $100, but that included her monthly meds and Incaperina to improve her nutrition. Any sponsors for her? Last is one of the babies we are giving formula to because the mom has no breast milk. Any takers to save a babies life. Might look good on your resume someday. We have 15 now we give formula to once a week. A big can of formula that lasts two weeks costs $16.00. I think there is a fifth picture , but I can't remember what it is and right now it looks like goobly gook. Hope they look like pictures when they come thru.
My daughter Hannah is doing a lesson on nutrition and why veggies are good for you to the lunch kids tomorrow. We are going to start using Steven Covey's program from his book " The Leader In Me" in our tutorials. Hannah is having another women's meeting on Fri. I know the women will want to know have we forgotten them or are we progressing to help them. I got 40 more cans of formula this week and some meds from a great group. One of our lessons at church today was on charity. Please consider giving; give for the wonderful feeling it gives to you and because it maybe the most important thing you do next week.


Vanessa said...

Vicki, I will do my best to help in any way that I can. I'm going to try REALLY hard to be able to distribute some food baskets in the area and I'll let you know how the fundraising for that goes!! keep up the great work!!

Liz said...

How can I help the women that needs the meds, or maybe sponsor a baby for formula?

Liz said...

How do you get in contact with you to sponsor a baby?