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Monday, April 13, 2009

Children in Need

We received some upsetting news from Pedro. All the charges against us have been dropped and since we were only closed temporarily we should be able to reopen. In an effort to make this happen , Pedro visited one of our children Fernanda. She will testify to the courts in favor of us reopening. If you volunteers remember her, she is 15 and was one of my daughter 's good friends. We were paying for her to go to a private basico [ middle school ] and she was doing well. Her mom had been in prison and then shot by her drug gang and killed. We had to do suicide watch on Fernanda, but she handled it well. When the children were removed from our home, Fernanda went back to her grandfather. But then her father came and got her. When she was younger and lived with him, he had broken both her legs. When Pedro saw her a few days ago, she was covered with burns and said her dad had poured boiling oil on her. She wants to come home to us so bad and all we need to do it is to reopen. All the government orps will be closed at the end of this week and the children are being tossed to the wind. Some homeless, some abusive homes some other orps. Pedro is trying to keep track of them. The following is a report by the Joint Council on International Children Services. It explains the desperate straits of Guatemala's unwanted children. JCICS is willing to travel to Guatemala and plead our case for reopening asap if we pay their expenses.[ they are going thru a difficlut time financially right now ] Please help in anyway you can. Prayer, money, important contacts.
here is the report


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