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Sunday, July 13, 2008

We have had a bunch of wonderful things happen for the orphanage. I hope everyone on the email group list got the picture of Lydia as several people have been asking for it. I got a new digital for Mother's Day so hope to take lots of pics when we go Guate in the next few weeks.
We have a wonderful team there right now working hard to make thngs better for the children. Thirty two people who all brought donations. They have divided into work teams and some are building shelving and tables that we desperately need. Others are building a porch onto the new building, others doing landscaping and finally others who are helping at the orphanage with the kids. I heard from my daughter that they brought lots of bubbles and the kids were loving that.
We so appreciate the work teams.
Another blessing has been a new volunteer who is working with the kids, but also helping us with the farm. She and the kids and part of the work team put in a 100 pounds of potatoes yesterday to add to the black beans and corn that is already in.
The final blessing is I met with a couple yesterday who have an adopted 3 year old son from Guatemala. They had some money they had to donate to a charity and they picked us as one of the three they gave to. They gave me a check for about $11, 400 yesterday. I started crying. It is the first of the money we need to start the new building fund. 100% of it will go to the building fund. We take no personal expenses or administrative salaries from Safe Homes.We are turning down children until we can get into our new facilities. The first building is close to completion. He will start stuccoing in about 2 weeks. It is dorm space for 64 childlren, but we need the next building for the kitchen/dining area and volunteer rooms and tutorial classrooms
My daughter has been such a great help working down there and Pedro is doing a marvelous job.
thanks for all you do

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