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Monday, February 11, 2008

First news. To everyone I sent an email to yesterday about the container being sent to Guatemala from Springville, Utah. It is not going out until next week and my contact person Marcie Williams is going to let me know details soon and I will then post them.
Second news. My third little grandson was born fri. night. He is a doll and my husband and I will travel to the states in a couple of weeks to visit him. That is my third grandson since Oct. No. four grandson is due in Mar. Isn't that awesome. First six little grandaughters in three years and then four grandsons in 6 months. We start grandaughters again in Sept. when my daughter and sil adopt our first grandchild of color. Since we are a family of many colors we are excited.
Third news. I spent two hours meeting with the woman government atty. who is over our orphanage today. It was exhausting, but I thought it went well.
We are getting 10 new children this week from parents who can not feed or educate them.
A woman showed up at the orphanage today with a 3 month old and a one year old, Henry and William. She is a friend of the mother of three other children we have. Abram, Diego and Anna. Their mother is now doing prostitution and she was all beat up. It was so sad. The two new babies come on Weds. as the mom had to go get their birthcert. and other legal papers so we can have an atty. do everything right. Tomorrow 3 children 1, 4 and 6 are coming because their dad and mom have abandoned them for other partners. Thurs. a sib set of four ages 4, 6, 8 and 10 are coming because both their parents are dead and no one can support them. And one day this week the 5 year old sister of Manual, Rosa, Rolando and Carlos is coming. There are still two more younger than her and the mom is due with another one anyday. We had to buy more beds and another high chair.
We can use many things, esp. cash for the building fund.
thanks everyone


Marlene said...

Could I e-mail you? I have some questions for you. Thanks

Vanessa said...

PLEASE contact me as I seen no information on contacting you!! I and several other friends would LOVE to help you out!! We're experienced at fundraisng and sending shipments to Guatemala!! We're all adoptive moms and have been on prior mission trips so this would be a great match!! Thanks