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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My family and I have been recovering from a virus so life is slow. We have had a couple pieces of good news. One, the pueblo of Cerro de Oro where we are located, has agreed to let us have a nice building to have our preschool in. It will enable us to take children from the community of Cerro. They have never had a chance to go to a preschool before. We also will take younger special ed kids. My two sons, Tony who is 5 and Seth is 9 and down syndrome, go to the preschool 3 mornigns a week and love it. Today we had 3 volunteers from the hospitalito in Santaigo come sing and dance with the kids. Seth showed me his dance moves when he got home.
Also we desperately need to build. We have tried to work with the owner of the property we are on to buy it so we can build, but he is stalling. Also the next door neighbor does not want an orphanage. Today we were offered 4 acres of land in Cerro for $8000.00. It does not have buildings, but we know builders who can get things up quick, plus I had one organization offer the building supplies for free if we had people to build.
Did I mention 3 of my children have had chicken pox in the last month. We had to take my 7 year old daughter to the emergency room last night as she had swlllowed a whistle. Right before that I had to hunt my 16 year old daughter as it was dark and she was not home. She has a hard time understanding safety issues were meant for her. She is a beautiful blond girl who gets way too much attention from the men. Alisa the 7 year old was able to swallow completely the whistle and out it came today. But it is a little hairy driving after dark around here.

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