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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gosh I hope we have internet in the home by Sunday. The internet guy is supposed to come out then after having sent him tons of paperwork. It is very hard to keep up with 3 emails that have both business, orphanage and personal emails and write this blog as much as I need to.
We got a new girl at the city orp. The oldest of 7 and 13. She went to the judge and told him she was over worked and beaten by her mom, so he sent her to us. All she has done is cry and say she wants to go home. The parents have visited and want her home. Sounds like a teenage girl, huh.
I want to get some pics up soon as soon as I get the internet at home. We took the most adorable one of our first baby in the infant feeding program having his first bottle at age 2 moths. His mother´s milk was dried up. In just a week he has filled out and gained weight. I love to visit the orphanage and hold him. Our 3 Tzutihil children are still with us and doing well now that they are over their bronchitis.
yesterday Orphanhelp, Int. volunteered to buy us 15 sets of bunkbeds, a new washing machine for the L├áke, and a new refrig and maybe stove for the lake. They are so wonderful. The supply us each month with our month´s supply of beans, masica for making the tortillas and dried milk.
The rain was bad yesterday. The streets of Santiago were flooded when I wen to pick up my 16 year old daughter off the boat. She had stayed in Pana where she goes to school late for dance practice. If it rained like that for several days we would have more mud slides.
That is it for now. thanks for everyone´s help.
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